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PAST NEWS - Comenius project finalised and approved.

In November 2013, the British Council informed the department of its successful participation and contribution in the 2011-2013 Comenius programme. The 2-year project, funded by the E.U, aimed to raise awareness of cultural differences as well as making tolerance a keystone to learning. The topic developed in partnership with the IES Virgen de la Victoria in Melilla (Spanish town in Morocco) revolved around the concept of understanding immigration and cultural integration. All tasks produced by our students for the project can be accessed on Photos and videos of their eye-opening trip to Melilla can also be seen on frog.

Our department would like to thank all the staff who supported us in this project. It has made learning "come alive" and has enabled our students to travel, not only to practise and improve their Spanish, but also to appreciate first hand the lives and cultural traditions of people from another European country. What they have learnt and discovered should hopefully prepare them to live more harmoniously in an increasingly globalised society.

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