NUSA Expectations

Basic expectations

Below are the minimum 8 behaviours we expect to see both in and outside of the classroom.


We are proud to reward our students for making the right decisions, displaying positive behaviours such as being resilient, determined, kind or having a good attitude to learning.

We reward our students with Bromcom points.

Students are given a ‘pay slip’ every week so they can see how many points they have earned, and each year group has the opportunity to attend the NUSA ‘swap shop’ at the end of each half term, where they can exchange positive points for prizes. Prizes include chocolate, stationary, sports equipment and £10 vouchers.


Unfortunately, there are times when students make the wrong decisions and behave in a way that goes against our behaviour policy. Although our first aim is always to correct student’s poor behavior, in some occasions this will lead to a consequence. We have an established set of predetermined consequences.

In a situation where a student’s behaviour is significantly disrupting the learning of others, and they have refused to follow correction, they will be issues with a ‘Red Flag’, removed from the classroom and placed in Isolation (ICE) for the remainder of that lesson. This ensures the learning of other student’s in the classroom.

Where a student has been issued a ‘Red flag’, the parents/career will be informed via text message that their child will sit a compulsory red flag dentation for 50 minutes after school. The classroom teacher will also contact the parents to explain the circumstances leading to the issue of a red flag and what improvements can be made by the student. The classroom teacher will also discuss this with the student at the start of the red flag detention.

Any students that fail to attend a red flag detention will sit a 60 minutes red flag detention on the following day. Failure to comply with this procedure with result in a fixed term exclusion.

In the event that a student receives two red flags within one week, they will be required to attend a reset session on Monday morning where the behaviour issues will be addressed.

In the event that a student receives three red flags within one week, they will either receive a fixed term exclusion or placed at another school for the period of the fixed term exclusion.

Below is a visual guide of NUSA’s red flag procedure, which all our students should be familiar with;

With all red flag detentions parents will be notified of the detention via a text message at 2.30pm. The teacher issuing the red flag will then phone home that evening to give further details on why the red flag was issued and the agreed next steps.

Below zero DT

All students at NUSA should encounter more positive interactions with staff than negative, when demonstrating an excellent attitude to learning across all lessons. Each student receives 20 points at the start of the week, the more points they earn, the more they can spend at the swap shop on the last week of each half term.

If a student by the end of the week falls below zero, they will complete a 30-minute detention with their HOY the following Wednesday, during this time the student is reflecting and setting targets for the future. Students should be motivated to receive as many positive points as possible.

Failure to attend this detention will result in them being in 'heads detention' with Mrs Howard on Thursday till 4pm.


Below is an overview of the behaviour and rewards procedure at NUSA

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