Independent Study Tasks

At NUSA we currently set independent learning tasks in all subjects. Our expectation is that these tasks are to be completed at home and are in addition to any other learning tasks that are set in lessons.

Timetable for year 7 & 8.

Students in years 7 & 8 are given a timetable for maths, English and science. Students are given a week to complete their independent study task and will hand them in on the following days:

Monday- Maths

Tuesday- English

Science- Wednesday

Collection year 7 & 8

Students hand in their IST’s as they enter the building before period 1. Students have a window to hand in their IST from 8.25 to 8.40. Students place their IST in their class box and then a student ambassador records their work on a class register. This is then sent to the teacher for them to mark their work.

Failure to hand in their IST

If a student fails to complete or hand in their IST during the allocated time they will receive a 20 minute detention at lunch time on that day. This will be used for them to complete the task if this has not been done, or an opportunity to hand it in if they were late in the morning. If students fail to attend the lunchtime detention they will be issued with a 30 minute after school detention on the Friday of the week. Parents will be notified on the Thursday by text message informing them that their son/ daughter have an after school detention.

How will IST's be marked?

IST’s will be given an effort mark of 1 to 4 by their subject teacher.

  1. Excellent effort. Work has been completed to a high standard in terms of presentation and demonstrates a good understanding of the work set. All correct
  2. Good effort. Work has been completed to a good standard but may show some errors. The student has demonstrated that they have completed it to the best of their ability.
  3. Below standard. The task has not been completed to a good standard, little effort has been demonstrated and the presentation is poor
  4. The IST was not completed or handed in when issued to the student by the teacher.

What if the student is absent on the day the IST is issued?

If students are absent due to a medical, or other agreed reason, they will receive an absent mark for that week and will not be expected to attend any detentions. However, it is expected that the student makes every effort to ask the teacher for the IST when they have returned.

How long should a student spend working on their IST?

The work should take no longer than 30 minutes for years 7-9, however IST's in years 10 & 11 may take longer.

Timetable for key stage 4 - Years 9-11

IST’s will be set and collected in lessons. Students will be issued tasks weekly in Maths, English and Science. Other subject area may set work at their own discretion throughout the term. For example coursework subject may set long term tasks over several weeks.

What do I do if I have any questions or queries regarding their IST task?

If you have a query regarding any aspect of the ISTs you have several contacts:

Head of year for year 7 & 8.

Year 7- Miss Waldron

Year 8 – Miss Malhi

Head of departments

English - Mrs Saunders

Maths - Mr Whitfield

Science - Mrs Bingley

Modern Foreign Languages - Miss Rebagliato

Humanites (Geography, History) - Mr Dupey

Social Sciences - Mr Dupey

Design Technology / Catering - Mrs Wain

Art - Miss Arnold or Miss Cole

PE- Mr Cooke

ICT/ Business - Mrs Chahal

Drama - Miss Stephenson

Please call the school directly and leave your message or query with reception.

How do I find out what IST’s are to be set?

All IST information will be available on this webpage. Simply click on your child’s year group (to the left) and select the subject you require.

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