Holocaust Project BSL Signs

Working in collaboration with Humanities and the Deaf Community.

The Focused Provision for the Deaf has been supporting the Humanities Department in their collaboration with UCL Centre for Holocaust Education.

While working on the Holocaust project, it was recognised that there are very few standardised BSL signs within in this topic. Having a Focused Provision for Deaf pupils within NUSA has allowed the Humanities department the unique opportunity to work in collaboration with the Deaf Community and start to generate culturally appropriate British Sign Language lexicons to use within our Holocaust lessons.

Below is the result of the work of Ben Butterworth (Deaf Tutor at NUSA) and Simon Miller (BSL Development officer at Nottinghamshire Deaf Society) to create a collection of BSL signs that can be used across Holocaust lessons with deaf pupils.

BSL Vocabulary.

Active resistance: People doing a lot to help save the Jews or fight against the Nazis, sometimes using violence.

Allied Powers: In the Second World War, The British Empire, the United States and the Soviet Union worked together against Hitler.

Antisemitism: Hostility or prejudice to Jews.

Bystander: Someone who watches what is happening, but does not get involved.

Censorship: Hiding some information from other people.

Collaborator: Working with the enemy, supporting and helping them.

Concentration camp: A place where people were help prisoner in very bad conditions.

Death camp: A place where people were sent to be killed.

Death march: Forcing prisoners to march into German to hide them from Allied soldiers. Many prisoners dies on the marches.

Death squad: A group of soldiers whose job was to find and kill Jews.

Deportation: Forcing Jews to move to death camps.

Dictator: A cruel ruler that wants to control everything.

Displaced person: A person that has no where to live. They cannot go back to their old home.

Expelled: Forced out of your home or country.

Gestapo: The Nazi secret police.

Ghetto: A place where Jews were forced to live separate from other people in very bad house and buildings.

Kindertransport: Rescuing children from the Nazis by transporting them to Britain.

Labour camp: A place where people were sent and forced to do work.

Liberation: Releasing people from labour, concentration and death camps.

Passive resistance: Helping people, but not using violence.

Propaganda: spreading ideas to try to persuade people.

SS: Nazi soldiers (who wore a black uniform) who killed Jews and controlled the camps.

Subhuman: anyone that Hitler thought was inferior to the Germans.

Upstander: Someone who gets involved to try to stop people from doing the wrong thing.

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