Year 8

Head of Year

  • Mr S Kirkby

Assistant Head of Year

  • Ms M Dabbs

SLT Achievement Leader

  • Mrs M Whiteley / Mr D Derrick

Tutor Sets and Tutors

  • 8.1: Miss G Malhi / Mr K Gregson
  • 8.2: Mr A Case
  • 8.3:  Mr J Walsh
  • 8.4: Mrs K Wain
  • 8.5: Mr J Smith
  • 8.6: Miss S Alls / Ms E Reidy

year 8 homework spring term 2017

Homework will be set in your lesson but please write it under the correct day. You will be given one week to complete it.

ICT homework is set once a fortnight.
In addition, Design and Technology homework is set 3 time a term.