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What have we been studying in Geography this term?

Our new Year 7s have been learning all about map and compass skills and can now navigate their way around a map simply using instructions and a few map symbols, even the ones who are defiant that they just need to use their phones! Year 7 have also been learning about settlements and why people choose the places they live in as well as all the countries around the world. Can you name the seven continents of the world without Google?

In Year 8 we have been learning all about Africa and the incredible and shocking stories about it, such as Blood Diamonds and Somali Pirates. It is fair to say they were fascinated by all of the different situations that are going on in Africa and they have been thinking of ways to help people in Africa. We have also been studying tectonic plates - which to you and I means volcanoes, earthquakes and Tsunamis (credits to you if you can spell Tsunami without a dictionary!).

Our Year 9 GCSE pupils have been starting their important three years with the topic of urbanisation, which is all about the growth of cities. Some even have 10 million people in them! They have also been looking at ecosystems around the world and the fascinating tropical rainforest with its marvellous plants and animals.

In Year 10 we have been learning about coasts. Skegness, I hear you say? Not quite. The pupils have been looking at the way the coast has been shaped over the years and the different processes which go with it such as erosion. They have also been looking at the ways we can prevent flooding through soft and hard engineering, Maybe one of our pupils will come up with an ingenious way to protect people’s homes in the future...

Finally, in Year 11 our hard working GCSE pupils have been learning about natural hazards such as super volcanoes (they’re worth reading about), earthquakes, tropical storms, typhoons and droughts, all of which affect the lives of people around the world; hence a fascinating topic to learn about.

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