The new structure of the NUSA day can be found below. All changes take effect from September 2019:

8.45–9.35 Period 1
9.35–10.25 Period 2
10.25–10.40 Break time
10.40–11.30 Period 3
11.30–12.20 Period 4
12.20–13.05 Lunch
13.05–13.20 Tutor time
13.20–14.10 Period 5
14.10–15.00 Period 6

Absences: A Guide for Parents and Carers

What do I do if…

…I know in advance that my child will be away from school, for example for a dental or doctors appointment?

Unavoidable medical appointments: We expect pupils to be in school prior to and after their appointments. Medical appointments should not take all day. Where possible, appointments should be made before/after school or during the school holidays.

If you do wish to remove your child for an appointment, a note should be sent to the Attendance Office with your child in the morning or you can contact the Attendance Office directly through the main Academy number.

…I wish to take my child away on holiday during term time?

We do not authorise holidays during term time. If you do wish to request permission to remove your child from school for the purpose of a holiday, a form must be requested from the Attendance Office or downloaded (see link below).

Parents/carers need to be aware that we will request a Penalty Notice for any requested holiday. If found that a student was removed for the purpose of a holiday without permission a Penalty Notice will also be requested, even after the pupil has returned from the holiday.

…My son/daughter is away from school and no prior notice has been given?

If your son/daughter is too unwell to attend school, please contact the Attendance Office on the morning of the absence. If you have not made contact with school to inform us of the reason, we will make every effort to contact you firstly by telephone and then by letter. A home visit may also be made by the Attendance Improvement Officer.

For any attendance issues, please contact us on 0115 9291492 and select Option 1

Download the Absence Request Form [PDF]

Administration of Medication

Download the new consent form for parents here .

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