Year 8

In the event that pupils in Year 8 are to work from home, please follow these instructions:

Week 1

1) Complete the first 10 pages of the revision booklet below. Work on lined paper as the booklet is in a PDF format. Please send photographic evidence of completion to your teacher by Friday 27th of March.

Week 2

1) Complete the first 20 pages - Due by Friday 03rd of April

Revision booklet year 8

2) Please use your school email to create an account on Quizlet (link below). This website allows you to learn and revise Spanish vocabulary through the use of flashcards/games/tests. Each week, your class teacher will send you a code/link to the set of vocabulary you need to practice.

Over Easter

La Semana Santa - Easter in Spain (Developing cultural awareness) - Due by Mon 20th of April

Open and read the attached power point presentation about the Holy week in Spain. Complete the attached worksheets. There are two different worksheets, one more challenging than the other. I hope you will attempt the more challenging one, you are allowed to use Google translate or word online dictionary to help you understand the text. ¡Felices Pascuas! (Happy Easter!)

Power point presentation La Semana Santa

Worksheet - reading comprehension - easy level

Worksheet - reading comprehension - more challenging level

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