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Winter 2018

Another term has successfully been completed at NUSA for Humanities. All of our young eager students either sat their first progress board exams ever this term, or faced their old familiar foe.

Our year 7's have now finished studying the Normans and have been enjoying learning about the English Civil War and Crime and Punishment. They have the gory delights of the Tudors to look forward to after Easter!

Our year 8's have finished the First World War and have been enjoying a taste of what it is like to do GCSE History ahead of their options night. After Easter they shall be moving onto the Second World War and finding out how the lives of millions were changed forever.

Year 9 have settled in well at GCSE and are now moving towards the end of their Health and the People topic, they'll soon be studying the Norman Conquest to see how William the Conqueror changed England for better or for worse.

Year 10 have come of age and are turning into the future year 11's. They are still learning about the Rise of Hitler in Germany and after Easter will be looking at the new topic of the Inter War years between 1918 and 1939.

And finally year 11, its time to get their heads down and focus because their exams are just around the corner. They face the new AQA exam this year so we are all going into it with lots of energy and hope for a really good set of results! If you are a parent of year 11 then please visit the GCSE revision section to access any important revision material.

All the Best!

Mr Townsend

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