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autumn 2016

In Year 7 it has been quite amusing watching the pupils trying to fold up an Ordnance map correctly, it seems they can play Angry Birds, but can’t quite grasp the map yet! Besides that amusement, it has been great seeing pupils taking an interest in their area and city after being shown how to use and map and the meanings of all the symbols. I look forward to testing their newfound skills over the next five years. The year group have also been sitting their first exams over Christmas, just to see how much they have learnt in so little time. I think they’ll even surprise themselves.

As for Year 8:  we have witnessed plenty of shocked and surprised faces while studying our topic of Africa, I think they were taken back by how other people’s lives are affected around the world. There have been some really interesting suggestions on how we can make the lives of people better;  and I hope the pupils will one day come up with a life changing idea for those affected in Africa.

Our nine new GCSE students have settled in well to the expectations of GCSE work. They have recently taken their progress board exams, which were based on their study of Urbanisation and Ecosystems.

Year 10 and 11 pupils have been working hard in the knowledge of how important the next year or two years are for them. It’s fascinating to see how far they have come since their first Year 7 lesson all those years ago. 

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