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First Story returns to NUSA for the fifth year and we are thrilled to announce that this year's project is open to all NUSA students throughout the year groups.  NUSA First Story writers meet:

When: Every Wednesday

Where: In the Library

Time: 3:30pm until 4:30pm  

There will be plenty of opportunity for all students to join in with the fun, use their imagination and produce some incredible creative writing, in the written, spoken and visual forms. There will be whole school competitions and writing tasks for students, staff and families. Towards Summer 2016, NUSA students and First Story Champions will submit work to be included in a published book, that will be available for sale.  As well as this, there will be trips, workshops in animation, illustration, performance, film making and audio production, so there are plenty of reasons to get involved!

Please continue to visit this area to read the latest updates on the project, writings and thoughts of our talented creatives and to gather top tips on how to become brilliant at babble, successful at scrawling and an inventor of everything possible!

The Team


Kevin Fegan

Kevin is NUSA's 2015-16 Writer in Residence and we are thrilled to have him onboard for our magnificent journey this year. Click here to learn more about Kevin, his writing and his vast background in word wizardry.

Mrs​ Tice

Miss Tice is a member of the English Department and the newest member of the First Story team at NUSA.  We are thrilled she has been able to join us and bring her vivacious energy adn enthusiasm to the group.

Mrs Painter

Mrs Painter works within our Literacy Department and is a huge supporter of First Story.  Reading is a very important part of becoming a creative writer; it is how you learn new words and how to use them, along with discovering new writers and authors.

Ms Limb

Ms Limb is our new NUSA Library Assistant and will be organising many of the First Story events in the future.  We warmly welcome Ms Limb to the team!

Mrs Sarris

​Mrs Sarris has supported the group in previous academic years and will continue to support with larger First Story events and trips.

First Story Champions

Our First Story Champions are students who have previously taken part in the project and have now left NUSA to study in pastures new.  Our champions come back to work with our group, to support young students with developing their thoughts and writing and to support staff understand any type of street talk!!!!

Amalyah Byrd: Amalyah represented NUSA at the 2015 Writers Residential and have just moved into the NUSA Post 16 Centre to begin her A Level studies, continuing to her studies into Creative Writing.  Amalyah is an incredibly important member of the group, as she knows many of the younger students and has spent a lot of her time supporting them in their writing.

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