Key Stage 3


KS3 Project 1 Project 2
Year 7 Sweet Tooth
Students will learn the basic skills needed for the rest of their artistic lives! This project combines the formal elements of art with a sweet tooth twist. Students will start by learning about the colour wheel and how to draw and will end the topic by creating their own glazed ceramic cupcake.
Spanish Culture
This cross-curricular project will explore the great artists of Spanish History including: Salvador Dali, Miro & Picasso. Students will complete their project by creating collaborative paintings which are developed from imagination and artist inspiration.
Year 8 Mythical Beasts & Creatures
Students will explore a range of higher level drawing tasks and explore painting, illustration and explore the magical world inspired by the film ‘Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them.’ Students will create their own monster fact files and create 3D outcomes based on their research and ideas.
Robotic Art
Where animals meet robotics. Students will develop there theme on ‘mythical creatures’ and explore human and machine as they explore the contrast between our human made environment and the natural world.

June 2021


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