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autumn 2016

Our new Year 7 pupils have settled into History really well. They have developed their history skills and can now spot bias and tell me what a primary and secondary source is -c an you? They have thoroughly enjoyed learning about 1066 and the Battle of Hastings, especially when they acted out scenes from the battle! They now have to show me everything they have learnt about in their Christmas exams... so, no pressure!

Our Year 8s have settled back in at school - another year older and with more periods of history to learn about. We never run out of history do we! They have been learning all about the causes of world war and finding out who or what was to blame; we have looked at all the exciting weapons of war, and the heartbreak and loneliness in the trenches. Learning about the war really helped our pupils understand the meaning behind Remembrance Day - something which was talked about in assembly by Mr Townsend. They too will be showing off their new knowledge and skills in their exams over Christmas, so good luck to them!

The new Year 9s have been discovering what GCSE History is like and all of the interesting topics ahead. We have started off with the Normans, which is a brand new topic for GCSE, so it is exciting for both staff and students to learn about. It is fair to say they are also all excited about the guts and goriness of Medicine In Time!

Years 10 and 11 have been working really hard this term with their coursework and exam revision; and if they continue to work hard and listen to all of their teachers' advice then they will do well. I have been really impressed by the attitude of some pupils who are putting lots of effort and hours into their work. 

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